Georgie Oldfield

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“Do you suffer from chronic pain?”

“Have you seen numerous therapists and Doctors, yet still struggling?”

“Are you fed up with just trying to ‘cope’ with your pain?”

ORDER this life-changing book NOW, for just £9.95

Georgie Oldfield, a leading UK Physiotherapist, chronic pain specialist and founder of SIRPA Ltd, reveals in this revolutionary new book how chronic pain, however severe and long-term, can be cured.

Current treatment approaches for chronic pain are aimed at ‘management’ based on the belief that pain is due to a physical abnormality. However, the concept on which this cutting edge book is based is on the understanding that our body has an innate ability to heal itself and that persistent pain is part of a learned response via the brain and nervous system as part of an automatic, but maladapted, stress response.

The concept and self-empowering approach explained in the book is backed up by ground-breaking research that supports the body’s response to stress as a plausible root of many common complaints, including; back pain, sciatica, migraines, fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injuries, digestive disorders and many medically unexplained symptoms.

The exciting thing about this is that once you recognise that your pain is part of a protective response and not due to injury or tissue damage, it is possible for you to break the pain cycle.

The life-changing approach explained in this book has inspired many health care professionals and sufferers alike, providing a radical and practical self-help tool to assist in the identification of causes of pain and putting you on the all-important path to recovery.

“Mrs Oldfield is an excellent physiotherapist who has developed a first-rate program for healing. I highly recommend this book if you are suffering from chronic non-structural pain. It is well written and contains everything you need to reverse stress-related illnesses”. Howard Schubiner, MD, Professor, Wayne State University, Providence Hospital, Southfield, Michigan, USA. Author, ‘Unlearn Your Pain’.

In this easy to read book, aimed at helping people recover from chronic pain, you will find:

  • Foreword: by Adam Al-Kashi, thought leader and Head of Research and Education at Backcare, UK
  • Introduction: Georgie’s own personal journey from conventional to pioneering Physiotherapist
  • Chapter 1: Evidence-based research supporting the concept and approach explained in the book.
  • Chapter 2: An explanation of the concept behind stress-induced symptoms and conditions.
  • Chapter 3: Describing the many conditions and symptoms that can be stress-induced.
  • Chapter 4: The causes of symptoms so that you can begin to gain some understanding of the links and triggers for your own pain.
  • Chapter 5: Packed full with tips, work sheets and self-empowering strategies to help you identify the underlying causes of your pain and to begin your own recovery.
  • Recovery stories: 18 real life recovery stories written by the individuals themselves.

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  • The SIRPA Recovery Audio Recording
    The inspirational SIRPA™ Recovery audio recording provides a wealth of rich information to help you begin to understand how and why stress-induced conditions can occur. This audio will empower you to jump-start your recovery and then everything will be reinforced when you read the book, which also includes additional self-help information and tools.
  • Journaling for Health e-book
    This insightful e-book, also written by Georgie, will detail how therapeutic journaling can be used to aid you in your recovery from chronic symptoms through the acknowledgement of emotions related to past and current stresses. It will enable you to acknowledge any emotional memories successfully, subsequently enabling you to put things into perspective in order to allow you to move on with your life.
  • To Live & Let Go Visualisation
    An inspiring and soothing audio experience that encompasses the key ideologies of SIRPA™, helping you relax and take time out to concentrate on yourself, while empowering you to move on from past negative experiences.

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